Finding a Partner to Achieve Digital Transformation

As organizations look to deploy IoT projects to support their Digital Transformation efforts, it can be difficult to find a vendor partner that has a robust portfolio of solutions and services. An ideal IoT solution vendor can address not only the management and monitoring of endpoints but also the analytics tools to take the data generated and turn it into meaningful, actionable, insightful information.

Four Key Traits of IoT Solutions Partner

In many instances, organizations have a very specific use case, within a specific industry. To address the need for specificity, the ideal vendor must also have deep industry expertise to be able to understand all the requirements of a project.

In manufacturing, for example, it is critical for IoT partners to understand the challenges such as increasing operational efficiency, improving cycle time, increasing quality yield and eliminating unplanned downtime. An ideal partner will be able to discuss these pain points and offer solutions that address ways to deliver quick outcomes and a longer term, measurable ROI.

Additionally, a partner must have a proven record of delivering results for organizations undergoing a digital transformation. Today, most vendors talk about digital transformation at a high level. However, it’s those vendors who can demonstrate the capabilities – via a rich solution set and the associated services/support – that can deliver on the promise of Digital Transformation who should be considered a true partner.

The ideal partner must also be invested in helping to select the best of breed solution(s) needed to deliver on the organization’s needs. This can include its solutions, but there must be an openness to work with other partners to provide all the elements that meet the specific requirements of their customer’s project. A vendor that comes to the table with a collaborative, and co-creation, mindset should be strongly considered. Vendors that come to the table with a co-creation approach make it apparent that they want to be a partner not only for this specific project but throughout the organization’s digital transformation journey.

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