Bringing the Parts Together

Hitachi Vantara is a software and systems vendor and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd.

With over 100 years in operational technology (OT) and almost 60 years in information technology (IT), Hitachi Vantara is uniquely positioned to bring together its experience to help organizations tackle the IT/OT challenges of building and delivering IoT solutions that contribute to digital transformation initiatives.

Hitachi Vantura’s goal is to transform industrial and commercial data into meaningful insights and outcomes. A key part of Hitachi Vantara’s value proposition is its ability to help organizations connect and manage IoT endpoints with its Lumada platform as well as integrate and blend data with its analytics tools. Its helps organizations store, manage, govern and analyze data through its platform and analytics solutions through visualization tools which enables better and faster decision making.

Hitachi Vantara offers a framework that aims to accelerate IoT solution creation for its customers and partners. These offerings include:

  • Lumada IoT Platform

    Lumada IoT Platform – The platform includes five pillars which provide an end-to-end view that addresses the edge to analytics needs for any IoT deployment.

    • Lumada edge – extracts, filters, analyzes and executes rules on data generated on edge for a comprehensive, real-time view of asset status
    • Lumada core – integrates, manages, monitors and collects data of various types using fast and scalable APIs to extract information for analysis and maps information to physical assets in the form of Asset Avatars
    • Lumada analytics – brings together data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and a range of advanced algorithms to operate on the IoT data pipelines to continually increase optimization and allow you to make real-time informed decisions
    • Lumada studio – brings together analytic information, alerts and notifications, and widgets to implement application logic and show business KPIs in dashboards for fast, meaningful insights into your data and devices
    • Lumada Foundry – delivers foundational security services and technologies to build, package, deploy, scale and manage microservices applications to residing either on-premises or in the cloud
  • Solution Cores

    Solution Cores – Hitachi Vantara has pre-built blueprints of solutions, called Solution Cores, that include the software, the methodology and data needed to stand up an IoT project quickly. Solution Cores are a modular approach to IoT project development that leverages Hitachi’s vast operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) experience to provide an accessible, integrated solution. There are Solution Cores for many different types of solutions, including:

    • Industrial IoT – including dynamic scheduling and predictive quality solution cores that reduce downtime and maintenance costs
    • Energy IoT – including energy and trading optimization solutions, energy efficiency solutions for buildings, and predictive maintenance solutions for energy generating assets.
    • Smart Cities – including smart spaces and video intelligence as well as public safety and security solution cores
  • Co-creation Services

    Co-creation Services – Hitachi Vantara has a vested interest in helping its customers reach their digital transformation goals. They offer comprehensive co-creation services that bring together Hitachi expertise with its associated (and relevant) partners to help accelerate your organization’s IoT projects. Through established methodologies, best practices and a library of prebuilt, prevalidated IoT solutions, its customers benefit from an innovative and collaborative approach to achieving desired outcomes.

In a technology ecosystem as complex and competitive as the IoT, Hitachi Vantara offers expertise across both the industrial world and the IT world, which offers the vendor a unique vantage point in the IoT space.