Using Data to Reach DX Outcomes

Organizations today face the challenge of figuring out where to start their digital transformation and if IoT is the right entry point.

For some organizations, entry point is finding an operational use case where they can trial an IoT project, experiment with the data generated and apply analytics to see what information is discovered and whether any outcomes are achieved.

According to a recent IDC study, the majority (60%) of organizations cite internal productivity and efficiency improvement as primary motivators for developing an IoT strategy. While customer efficiencies, reducing operational costs and increasing automation were also identified as factors influencing IoT decisions, those reasons were cited much less often.

Reasons to Create an IoT Strategy

Hitachi Primary Research Survey, IDC, October 2017

However, in planning an IoT deployment, organizations may not always have the clear roadmap of how to influence these factors and reach the goals of improving productivity, reducing costs and automating processes.

Because the IoT creates vast amounts of data, organizations are faced with the challenge of how to collect, manage, interpret and use the data. However, organizations struggle with the complexity because they understand that the potential value in these new data streams is equally vast and can unlock insights that will transform their future.

Incorporating analytics capabilities early in the pilot program will help to draw out valuable insights that will contribute to identifying ways to meet these original outcomes. With analytics tools and capabilities, organizations are still working to ensure they have the right people in place to be able to work with the data and the analytics tools to draw out meaningful and actionable insight.

As investments are made in analytics tools to support IoT and other DX projects, it becomes critical for organizations to find vendor partners who will work together to find the best solution to help manage the massive amounts of data with the best tools to help work towards the desired outcomes.

How IoT Data Drives Value in the Digital Economy

The digital shift fueled by data and the Internet of Things is a significant source of information for many businesses. Learn how IoT data is used to return value to businesses so they can deliver on transformation goals and provide the foundation for emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence.